The Right Way

Chef Ouzts on the farm

Our Food Philosophy: Make Food the Right Way

It is our passion to always provide our clientele with exquisite balance in flavor, price, and sustainability. All of our ingredients are purveyed with responsibility in mind. The Spotted Trotter’s mission is to make the food you eat the food you love because it is handled with the utmost respect – from the farmer that produced it to your dining table. We are intent on upholding the highest possible standards in taste, food production and seasonality. By staying true to this mission we will select the best possible seasonal ingredients available, from locally-produced pork, to the seasonings that enhance the new and old world style of our meats.

We use all organic herbs and produce whenever possible, but above all we always strive to use all natural, sustainable, humanely-raised and hormone-free meats. We consider it a privilege to work with our raw ingredients, and thus they must be treated with the maximum amount of care and respect. Our recipes are created in boutique batches, made with only seasonal ingredients, which allows us to provide you nothing but the finest meats made with the freshest ingredients the planet has to offer.  All spices are toasted and ground in-house, and we dry all of our own chilies, which, whenever possible, are heirloom varieties grown by local farmers.