Other Meaty Treats

English Back Bacon

Made from the loin and much leaner than American bacon, this delightful bacon is made with a juniper and garlic brine.  We make it both with and without the rind.

Head Cheese

If you’ve always been afraid of head cheese, ours will be the perfect place to start.  Contains no offal meat (unless special ordered) and is always perfectly seasoned.

Veal Mortadella

Delightful, made here with pistachios.

Southern Stained Beef Jerky

Brasstown “free-choice” beef, marinated in brown sugar, Kentucky mash bourbon, and spices.  Starts sweet and ends spicy.

Peppered Umami Beef Jerky

Brasstown “free-choice” beef.  Spicy all the way through.


Fried to order in our retail facility with a sweet and salty spice rub.  Napkins provided.


Also known by the Pennsylvania Dutch name pon haus, this loaf is made with pork trim, cornmeal, and spices.  We tend to “upgrade” our scrapple with black truffles, for example, but you can get it any way you like.


Pork cheek, cured for three weeks in a blend of salt, pepper and spices. Traditionally found in properly-made carbonara dishes.  We also make a smoked version.


Fatback, cured with aromatics.  Eat it on a sandwich, melted over a steak, or just by itself.


Cured, un-smoked belly. We make ours both with and without aromatics.  Check our weekly menu for specific offerings.  Past favorites have included Pancetta with Green Herbs and Pancetta with Calabrian Chiles.

Pates & Rillettes

Seasonal pates using only the finest poultry, beef, pork, and rabbit, and topped with the perfectly-paired aspic.  Contact us for our weekly offering or for a special order!

Terrines & Torchons

We make a different terrine (sometimes several) each week at our retail facility.  Past appearances have included lamb tongue with pistachios, pate en croute, pate campagne, pork belly 3 ways, and a foie gras & black truffle torchon for the holidays.  Contact us for our weekly offering or for a special order!

Farm Fresh Lard

Make pie crusts and biscuits like Grandma.  Made from the finest leaf lard.  We like to call it White Gold.

Pate Gelee

Slow roasted meats in a double pork stock.

Porchettas, Pieces, and Primal Cuts, Oh My!

We recognize that sometimes less is more.  That’s why each week we also carry select primal cuts in our retail facility as well.  If you’re in the mood for a center cut pork chop or a beautiful ribeye, just check our weekly menu to see what we have in the shop.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  We can also order any special cut of meat that you want as long as you give us about a week’s advance notice.  Not sure what to order, let us inspire you — past appearances have included, goose, kangaroo, ostrich, pheasants, whole chickens, veal, standing rib roasts, femur cut marrow bones, beef cheeks, whole rabbits, trotters, tenderloins, and brisket just to name a few.  So, think of us as your local neighborhood butcher as well!