Fresh Sausage

Sweet Hot Italian

Made from the finest local, meadow-raised pork, organic herbs and toasted fennel seeds and sea salt.


A French old-world-style sausage. Made from the finest local, meadow-raised pork, organic herbs and a blend of sweet French spice blends.  We also make a Turkey Toulouse for those non-pork-eaters!

English Breakfast

Breakfast links like no other, made from the finest local, meadow-raised pork, organic herbs, and a touch of ginger and garlic.

Brandy Rabbit Boudin

Boudin is a Louisiana staple, made here with local rabbits and the finest local, meadow-raised pork, organic herbs, and a touch of brandy and French pepper.

Toasted Black Pepper

Just like the name says. The finest meadow-raised pork and toasted Tellichery black pepper.

Umbrian Sausages

Sometimes it’s better not to mess with tradition. Meadow-raised pork, salt, pepper, garlic, and wine.


Traditional Brautwurst, made in the Knockwurst style using cream and the finest, local meadow-raised pork, instead of veal.

Greens Sausage

Putting your greens in the sausage instead of the other way around. Local, meadow-raised pork and seasonal greens – kale, mustard and turnip greens.

Three Cheese with Parsley

Coarse-ground pork with three Italian cheeses and white wine. Add it to an Italian dish and it’ll do all of the work for you.


A German favorite, made with veal, pork, cream and eggs, with a clean, aromatic finish.


Meadow-raised pork and beef, a liter and a half of red wine, and parmesan cheese. Need we say more?

Lamb Merguez

Delicious Mediterranean flavor, Border Springs lamb, and a little pork folded in. Spicy!

Irish Banger

Perfect for a traditional Irish breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.

Veal Bordelaise

The traditional French dish, all together in a sausage.


Meadow-raised pork, Espellete Pepper from the Basque region of France, and a little red wine. Perfectly balanced.

Hot Boudin

Traditional Louisiana recipe, heavily seasoned, and ready to eat.

Saucisse Bretonne

French sausage, derived from Brittany, France, finished with a Bretonne cider, and fresh herbs.  Finishes clean.

Black Cherry & Pork

Port-macerated black cherries, garlic, and a bit of smoky pimenton.  One of our best sellers and great on the grill.

Peppered Pimenton Rabbit with Feta

Madeira rabbit with pimento, green onions, melted leeks, candied walnuts, and feta.

Beer Braut

Made with a rotating selection of reduced local ale.

Better Breakfast Braut

A delicious, sweet bratwurst, perfect for breakfast.

Lamb Linguica

A milder version of the lamb merguez.

Mexican Chorizo

Heavily spiced, but not too hot.  Perfect on the grill, or in your breakfast eggs.  Finished with fresh, local chilies.  We also make a spicy Chicken Chorizo for those non-pork-eaters.

Lamb with Feta

Rosemary and lamb.  A classic combination with a slight twist.

Suggested cooking instructions: Roast sausage in pan 2 to 3 minutes on low heat on each side or until golden brown. Finish in the oven at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes or until firm to the touch. For those of you who MUST cook on a grill, use only indirect heat. Do not cook the Boudin on the grill. Boudin is traditionally cooked in a pan until firm to the touch and taken out of the casing. If you want to keep the Boudin in the casing, pan-roast and finish in a 350 degree oven like above, but for 12 to 15 minutes or until firm to the touch. Cook all items thoroughly before eating.