Dried & Salumi

Fegatelli Snack Stick

Tuscan butchers commonly sell Fegatelli, which are small bundles of spiced and diced pork liver wrapped in caul fat. This recipe pays homage to the Tuscan method by making an air-dried snack stick using pork livers and the finest local, meadow-raised pork, organic herbs, and sea salt.

Petit Sec Snack Stick

This is a wonderful, little meaty treat. Air-dried salami made with meadow-raised pork, organic herbs, spices, and sea salt.


This dried sausage gets its distinctive smokiness and deep red color from dried, smoked red peppers or pimenton. Air-dried salami made with meadow-raised pork, organic herbs, spices, and sea salt.

Spanish Salchichon

Heavily spiced with Spanish pimenton, garlic, and chilies.  Made with a large grind garnish, surrounded by a spicy tight grind.  Meant for slicing thin.

Cacciatore (Hunter) Salami

Simply spiced with garlic, carroway, and pimenton.

Kimchee Salami

A very buttery, rich salami, made with a house-made organic kimchee powder and garlic.


Garlic and red wine salami, one of the most easily recognizable of the Italian varieties.

Saucisson a l’Ail

Traditional French salami, with a tight grind, made with beautiful pink peppercorns throughout.

Lap Xuong

Heavily spiced, Chinese sausage, generally used for cooking.  We make a traditional lap xuong and a lamb xuong from time to time.


Just like the Italians make it in Tuscany and named after its most important ingredient – finocchio (fennel).


Put it on a pizza, or, even better, eat it by itself on a charcuterie plate.  Old world style, rich and spicy.  All beef.

Toasted Black Pepper and Sorghum 

The process is all Italian, but the flavors are all Southern. An amazing twist on the classic salami.  Finished with sorghum syrup, which provides a wonderful sour.


A coarse grind gives this Italian classic a buttery taste.  Approachable for all palates.


Like the Genoa, a coarse grind gives this Italian classic a buttery taste, but with a kick provided by peppercorns throughout.


Whole pork loin, salted and cured for up to three months.  Slices thin like prosciutto.


Whole pork shoulder, spiced, and cured for approximately three months.


Beef eye round, made with an aromatic, Italian wet brine, then air-dried for up to sixty days.  Washed with olive oil before slicing, it pairs wonderfully with an arugula salad or by itself.


Currently hanging and will hopefully be ready for Christmas 2012.

Duck Prosciutto

Thankfully, these beauties only take a fraction of the time to cure.  Ready to go, and one of the richest tastes you’ll ever experience.


This is the prize of the prosciutto, revered in Italy by most as the finest piece of meat on the hog.  Washed with garlic, heavily seasoned, and wrapped in bladder to hang for a minimum of two years.  Look for these beauties in 2014.  You better believe we’re going to announce their debut.