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Our weekly menu is based on the availability of seasonal ingredients, so it’s important to understand that we do not have available everything you see on the website every single week.  Please check our weekly menu for each week’s offering and understand we’re starting out small so that each batch we make gets the attention it deserves. However, if you’ve got an occasion coming up or a hankering for something special, don’t despair that a product hasn’t made it onto the weekly menu yet. Fill out our online order form below or contact us at 404-254-4958 to inquire about special orders.  A five-pound minimum may apply if you’re asking us to produce something we don’t have on the weekly menu. Because we strive to use only humanely-sourced proteins and small farmers, special orders can be hard to accommodate if you don’t give us enough time.  We plan our weekly menus on Sundays, so it’s always better to catch us by then (even the week before preferably)  if you’re thinking of a special order.


(1)  If you are picking up product at a farmers’ markets:  Please note that all pre-orders for outdoor farmers’ markets must be received no later than 48 hours in advance of market, and due to certain regulations, we may not be able to bring every product we have at the retail shop to our outdoor markets.  For example, we cannot bring any of our primal cuts to the farmers’ markets, as these products have been deemed by the market managers to unnecessarily compete with other farmers’ products.

(2)  If we are shipping, please also provide the shipping address in your order.  If you do not wish to include your payment information in the order, we will contact you for payment information prior to shipping.  No products will be shipped without secured payment information.  Additionally, shipping and packaging costs will apply.

(3) Orders typically ship on Wednesday.  If you place an order on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of a particular week, it likely will not ship until the following Wednesday.

(4)  All retail specialty orders need to be placed on Thursdays in order to be available by the following Thursday after 3pm for pick up.

(5)  If applicable, please include weights and/or number of links in your product orders.  

(6)  If your order is going to cost us more than $25, we’ll need to call you to get a credit card to hold the order. 

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