Menu for the Week of December 1, 2014 – Custom Cuts at our New Krog Street Location!

Menu for the Week of December 1, 2014 – Custom Cuts at our New Krog Street Location!


What an amazing week we had last week! For those of you who stopped by the new Krog Street Market location during the holiday week, thank you for ushering in this new chapter with us and for being so excited about our second location.  As we told many of you while we gave impromptu tours of the restaurant, our goal is to have the restaurant — The Cockentrice — open by the end of the month, just in time for everyone celebrating the holidays and ushering in the New Year!  Stay tuned!

And speaking of holidays just past — are you tired of turkey?!?  While this country’s settlers may have been content with eating poultry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this time of year, we at The Spotted Trotter like to indulge in something a little more robust.  Muscular.  Beefy. Thank goodness our new store at Krog Street Market is doing custom primal cuts!  Now featuring whole Riverview Farms pigs and sides of Brasstown beef, The Spotted Trotter is blazing a meaty trail straight to your kitchen table.  Need some Denver Cut Steaks for Poker Night? We’re on it!  Want porchetta for your Big Green Egg? No problem!  Craving a yak roast for Boxing Day? That’s going to be a tricky one, but with enough time, dare we say just about anything is possible. If it comes from an animal, we can handle it! Let our lead butcher, Lou Steffy, guide you through all your meaty options. Whether it’s for a Christmas party or tonight’s dinner, this meat extraordinaire knows what is best for you and your family. Come by and watch Lou do what he does best; he’d be pleased to MEAT you!

And when you’re talking to Lou, remember it’s not too early to start putting in your special orders for the holidays.  Whether you’re a TST1 (Hosea) or TST2 (Krog) regular, you can and should start putting in your Christmas and holiday orders by using our online ordering function —

We will see you soon!

Stay Hungry, and Eat Good Meat!

Fresh (Linked)

  • Sweet Hot Italian
  • Mexican Chorizo
  • Cherry & Pork
  • Chicken, Pear, and Goat Cheese
  • Rosso
  • Bacon Cheeseburger

Primal Cuts / Prepared Items

  • These items are available only at the retail shop!
  • Dry-Aged Ribeyes (Brasstown and Meyer)
  • NY Strip (Brasstown)
  • Hanger Steaks (Brasstown)
  • Center Cut Pork Chops
  • Quail (Manchester Farms)
  • Whole Rabbits (Rabbit Man Farms)
  • Creole Smoked Whole Chickens
  • Corned Beef
  • Pastrami
  • Magret Moulard Duck Breasts (Hudson Valley)
  • Burger Blend
  • Leaf Lard – (Perfect for making biscuits!)


  • Chicken Liver with Arkansas Black Apple & Ginger Aspic
  • Rabbit Liver with Spicy Mayhaw Aspic
  • Duck Liver Pate with Wild Cherry and Clementine
  • Pork Rillettes with Herb Butter
  • Pate Campagne

Whole Muscle or Cured

  • Prosciutto (10 month & 12 month)
  • Smoked Guanciale
  • Pancetta (Calabrian Chili)
  • Pancetta w/ Three Herbs
  • Duck Prosciutto
  • Lomo
  • Bresaola
  • Coppa


  • Pork Belly and Greens


  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Pepperoni
  • Sopresatta
  • Hunter Salami
  • Fegatelli Snack Sticks
  • Petit Sec Snack Sticks
  • Genoa
  • Toscano
  • Finochionna
  • Black Pepper Sorghum  
  • Rosette de Lyon  
  • Saucisson a L’ail
  • Salami Cotto  
  • Nduja


  • Hot Dogs
    • All Beef
    • Pork & Beef
  • Veal Bologna
  • Mortadella
  • Cotecchino
  • Andouille
  • Bacon
    • “The Original” — Sorghum and Cracked Black Pepper
  • Bacon Ends- perfect for Salads, Soups, and Sautes!
  • Tasso Ham
  • Paris Ham

Why Not?

  • Femur Cut Marrow Bones
  • Bacon Butter —NEW!!
  • Smoked Pig Parts
  • Duck Fat
  • Stocks, Oxtails, and Trotters, Oh My! – (you never know what we have in stock…)


  • Sweet Southern
  • Peppered Umami

Cheese Course

  • Dancing Fern (Sequatchie Cove)
  • Nickeljack (Sequatchie Cove)
  • Waypoint (Caly Road Creamery)
  • Big Bloomy (Caly Road Creamery)
  • Red Top (Caly Road Creamery)


  • Assorted baguettes, pretzel bread, and hot dog buns from H&F Bread Co.


  • Beautiful Briny Sea Assorted Sea Salts (Atlanta, GA)
  • TAZA Stone Ground Assorted Chocolates (Somerville, MA)
  • Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel Foods Soy Sauce (Kentucky)
  • Earth Biscuit Foods Crackers (Atlanta, GA) — NEW!!
  • Moustard Pommery (Dijon, France)
  • The Bang Candy Company (Nashville, TN)
  • Traditional Raspberry or Honey Candies (Provence, France)
  • TRU Bee Honey (Franklin, TN)
  • Rancho Gordo Beans
    • Borlotti
    • Yellow Eye
    • Good Mother Stallard
    • Goat Eye


  • The Spotted Trotter Artisan T-Shirts (3 styles)
  • Reusable The Spotted Trotter Grocery Bags (only $3 each!)
  • Meat Bucks (Gift Certificates!)
  • MEATPAPER Quarterly Periodical
  • Culture Magazine
  • Assorted On-Topic Hardcover Books (miscellaneous authors)
  • Bacon-Themed Accoutrement


  1. Teri Atkinson

    Can I order a gift certificate and have it mailed to me, or do you suggest I come into the shop to purchase.

  2. Nancy Skewes-Cox

    I would like to order Duck Pate for Christmas gift. And maybe bacon butter.
    Is it feasible to order for Xmas?
    I know you don’t have the same menu every week.
    Can you tell me approximate prices? And shipping costs?

  3. What is the story behind the “bacon butter”? I read about you guys on the Esquire website and I am intrigued by the bacon butter. If only I wasn’t so far away up here in NJ.

  4. Mary Ann Heddon

    Everything sounds delicious! Do you have a price list, or if I have to ask, I can’t afford it? Thanks.

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