Menu for the Week of April 23, 2012 — Grant Park Farmers’ Market Begins Sunday!

Menu for the Week of April 23, 2012 — Grant Park Farmers’ Market Begins Sunday!

Two down, one to go!  Thank you to all of the vendors and patrons of the  East Atlanta Village Farmers’ Market for an amazing opening season day last Thursday!   And to our Grant Park Farmers’ Market family, we are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!  Hard to believe, but  by the time the sun sets this Sunday, all three of our markets will be in full swing.  We certainly are looking forward to a wonderful and healthy market season.

Speaking of hard to believe, it’s mind-boggling that May 1st is just a week away.  But we couldn’t be more excited because May 10-13th, Atlanta will host its second annual Food & Wine Festival in Midtown!  If you missed it last year, it was an absolute blast, and Kevin is thrilled to have been asked back this year to teach another seminar on Sunday.  This time the theme is Cured Pairings, where The Spotted Trotter will take you on a meat, cheese, and wine-pairing journey you’ll not soon forget.  Busy on Sunday and can’t make the seminar?  No worries!  The Spotted Trotter is expanding its level of participation this year and will also be featured Saturday on THE WHOLE PIG TRAIL, a nose-to-tail experience curated by Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill!  Is your mouth watering yet?

Don’t wait too much longer to buy your tickets, and Stay Hungry Atlanta!

Fresh (Linked)

  • Brandy Rabbit Boudin
  • Saucisse Bretonne
  • Sweet Hot Italian
  • Three Cheese & Parsley
  • Knock-Braut
  • Mexican Chorizo
  • Black Cherry & Pork
  • Lamb Merguez
  • English Breakfast

Primal Cuts / Prepared Items 

  • Note:  These items are available only at the retail shop!
  • Dry-Aged Ribeyes (Brasstown)
  • Flat Iron Steaks (Brasstown)
  • Center Cut Pork Chops (Brasstown)
  • Quail (Manchester Farms)
  • Whole Rabbits (Rabbit Man Farms)
  • Smoked Whole Chickens
  • Magret Moulard Duck Breasts (Hudson Valley)


  • Chicken Liver with Arkansas Black Apple & Ginger Aspic
  • Peppered Rabbit Liver Pate with Spicy Mayhaw Aspic — (New Retail Item!)

Whole Muscle or Cured

  • Guanciale
  • English Back Bacon (rind on)
  • Pancetta
  • Lardo
  • Lomo
  • Bresaola


  • Mushroom and Gruyere Cheese — (New Retail Item!)


  • Toscano
  • Fegatelli
  • Genoa
  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Hunter Salami
  • Saucisson a l’Ail
  • Sorghum & Black Pepper 


  • Hot Dogs 
  • Veal Mortadella
  • Andouille
  • Sorghum Cured Pork Belly / Bacon
  • Beef Pastrami
  • Tasso


  • Rabbit with Pink Peppercorn Soubise
  • Pork Belly with Lardo

Why Not?

  • Chicharrones
  • High Road Craft Ice Cream “Frozen Trotter” Pints — (candied TST bacon, burnt bourbon sugar ice cream, sorghum ripple!)
  • Femur Cut Marrow Bones
  • Duck Fat
  • Stocks, Ox Tails, and Trotters, Oh My! (you never know what we have in stock…)


  • Sweet Southern
  • Peppered Umami

Cheese Course

  • Chocolate LAB (Looking Glass Creamery)
  • Cumberland (Sequatchie Cove)
  • Ellington (Spinning Spider Creamery)
  • Check back on Wednesday for any updates from Scott!


  • Assorted baguettes & pretzel bread from H&F Bakery 


  • TRU Bee Honey (Nashville, TN)
  • Sorghum Syrup (Hughe’s Farm)
  • Rancho Gordo Beans
    • Borlotti
    • Yellow Eye
    • Christmas Lima
    • Cannellini
    • Black Calypso
    • Good Mother Stallard
  • Chianti Wine Jelly
  • Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives


  • The Spotted Trotter Artisan T-Shirts (3 styles)
  • Reusable The Spotted Trotter Grocery Bags (only $3 each!)
  • Meat Bucks (Gift Certificates!)
  • Assorted Handmade Cutting Boards (Doc’s Woodturning)
  • Salami Cutting Boards (Doc’s Woodturning)
  • MEATPAPER Quarterly Periodical
  • Flavors Magazine
  • Assorted On-Topic Hardcover Books (miscellaneous authors)
  • Hanging Bacon Scents
  • Bacon Wallet

Remember, you can always use our preorder form to reserve your order in advance.

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