Meet the Team



B.N. Hendricks aka The Director

Director of Operations

BIRTH PLACE: Winterset, Iowa. Hendricks wanted us to know that this is the birthplace of John Wayne.

Hendricks is the Director of Operations; she is a vital leader in the business we serve. George S. Patton once said, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”. For every challenge that Hendricks has been faced with in this organization she has prevailed with beneficial results. Hendricks is an invaluable voice for the Good Food Movement and has an impeccable eye for detail. Hendricks has a B.A. from University of Iowa in Anthropology. Hendricks has worked in several commercial kitchens in a myriad of capacities and also sustained positions in Operations Management for the Resurgens Hospitality Group in Atlanta, Ga. When Hendricks is not achieving more with each working day, she spends time pickling her garden, spelunking, eating good cheese, and spending time with her daughter Aleita and wife Lauren.


Hunter Keels

Hunter Keels aka Soft Hands

Production Sous Chef, Charcutier at Hosea Location

BIRTH PLACE: Columbus, Ohio. Under the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) model, it is the third largest metropolitan area in Ohio. Also known as the “Buggy Capital of the World”.

Hunter is the universal wise man of the kitchen. Hunter is a graduate with a Fine Art Degree from Cleveland Institute of Art and brings a compulsive and unrelenting desire of hard work to the team at The Spotted Trotter. Hunter is an incredible teacher and steadfast learner of all things meat related. He is the rock that we are proud to say is a member of The Spotted Trotter Family! Hunter takes great pride in all facets of his work from bread baking to sausage making to Dessert and Pastry Parching; Hunter is an incredible asset to The Spotted Trotter! When not being obsessively addicted to work, Hunter enjoys pontification of astrological design and spends time with his wife Cydni and their two children Graham and Lily.


Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones aka Master Cave Hesher

Head of Salumi, Charcutier at Hosea Location

BIRTH PLACE: Decatur, Ga. Decatur’s official motto is “A city of homes, schools and places of worship.” Jeff loves this!

Jeff Jones is a very lucky fellow with a wonderful lady. Jeff came to us by way of his wife Allison, who made it a point to stop in on a weekly basis asking us to consider Jeff for a position. Well the stars aligned and we gave Jeff a shot. How serendipitous was it that we not only discovered one of Atlanta’s finest fathers of Hesher rock, we also were blessed with one of the most detailed, precise, and proud employees we could say we’ve ever had the experience of working with. Jeff’s experience in food came to him as Culinary Director at Atlanta’s Rock Castle Icon, The Masquerade. Jeff’s attention to detail and devout follow through makes for some incredible hand crafted Salumi. If you have eaten any salami at The Spotted Trotter, you have eaten Jeff’s work. From start to finish, Jeff takes absolute pride in his babies, each and every pound of our spices, meat, and garnish were meticulously toasted, ground and mixed by this man. Jeff also manages all of the HACCP documentation for the USDA and keeps a watchful eye, watching them, as they watch us, watch them. It’s a fun game! When not bringing the finest salami to cure this side of the Mississippi, Jeff enjoys riding his blacked out scooter, the loud thunder of a Rickenbacker or Les Paul guitar, banging his head, and spending time with his wife Allison, the AWESOME ONE who got him the job!


Jenifer Santiago

Jenifer Santiago aka La Flor

Packaging and Production Specialist at Hosea Location

BIRTH PLACE: El Coacuyul; San Marcos, Mexico

Flora de Jesus makes the product you buy look so good! Flora is the master packer and works tirelessly each day to ensure the products that we produce are packaged safe and sound. Chances are if you have eaten any products from The Spotted Trotter, it went through the hands of this amazing woman! Flora is an essential player in the game of production charcuterie. Flora brings hands on skills and food preparation experience from Delia’s Chicken Sausage stand in Atlanta, Ga. Flora, when not getting it done at The Spotted Trotter, enjoys taking selfies, Facebook and spending time with her husband Hugo and their two kids Angel and Hugo Jr.


Hugo Mendez

Hugo Mendez aka Tortuga Suave

Lead Charcutier at Hosea Location

BIRTH PLACE: Acapulco, Mexico

Hugo Mendez is a Master of all things meat! Hugo plays an important role in all facets of production and systems at The Spotted Trotter. Hugo has been with The Spotted Trotter for over three years. Hugo is a wonderful teacher and helps to implement structure and manufacturing detail to the art of charcuterie. Hugo has over 15 years of restaurant experience in the city of Atlanta working at such institutes as The Porter, and Pallookaville. While not working and making the most of everything he’s got at The Spotted Trotter, Hugo enjoys dancing with his wife and spending time with his two children, Angel and Hugo Jr.


Aideth Mendez

Aideth Mendez aka La Negra

TITLE: Lead Porter and Charcutier at Hosea Location

BIRTH PLACE: Acapulco, Mexico

Aideth is the three-star General in our kitchen. Aideth is in charge of order and cleanliness in the world we work. Aideth brings a number of valuable skills to our organization. She maintains all the facilities’ cleanliness and general organization, as well as hands on production skills. Aideth is a key member of The Spotted Trotter team and plays an integral part of the day-to-day functions of the business. Aideth gained a working knowledge of professional kitchens at the Varsity, Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, and Don Paco as well as corporate hotel experience in the city of Atlanta. When Aideth is not cracking skulls at The Spotted Trotter, she enjoys dancing and spending time with her two kids, Johan and Dannan.